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A-PET Sheet

Our APET sheets are widely considered to be the highest quality APET sheets available on the market today. Our specialized surface finish provides our customers with an ease in processing and printing

R-PET Sheet

Similar to APET, our RPET combines excellent durability with glass-like clarity, providing our customers a material that both performs well and is visually appealing. By utilizing up to 50% post consumer scrap

G-PET Sheet

Glycol-Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate (G-PET) fabricates well throughout a number of different processes including cutting, drilling, bending, routing and polishing. G-PET can be

M-PET Sheet

Metallizing of PET sheet under vacuum conditions is a proven technology to achieve special optical properties or a metal look for decorative applications and as mentioned above to reduce the diffusion of

Pet Sheet India

Pet Sheet Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India. A-PET,R-PET,G-PET,M-PET Sheets Films Suppliers Pune,Mumbai,Gujarat,Delhi,Bangalore.

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